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Leave the sugar-coated advice behind. Our 30+ AI expert personas from investors, software developers, online critics, product enthusiasts, and discerning parents are here to scrutinize your ideas meticulously, sparing no detail. Whether it's a business concept, an advertising campaign, or a piece of content, expect nothing but the rawest, most genuine feedback.

Useful for

Idea validation
Get a sneak peek into your target audience mind. Discover the pros and cons of your business model swiftly.
Advertisement validation
Craft ad campaigns that resonate. Ensure clarity, relevance, and effectiveness with AI-driven insights.
Content validation
Bulletproof your content. Uncover its strengths and areas of improvement to captivate your audience seamlessly.

How it works?

Enter your idea

Enter your idea that you want to validate. The more details you provide in your idea, the more accurate the response will be.

Select questions

Customize your feedback by selecting from our pre-crafted questions or design your own questions to dive deep.

Choose Your Panel of AI Characters

Select up to 3 AI characters with the free plan or unlock them all with our pro subscription to get diverse perspectives.

Receive In-depth Insights

Hit "Get" and watch the AI work its magic, offering real-time, actionable feedback to fine-tune your idea to perfection.

Feedback and Rewrite, all in one subscription

With just one subscription, you'll have access to both expert feedback and the opportunity to rewrite your work to perfection.




No credit card required

  • 10 credits*
  • Access to 3 characters
  • Access to 3 tones&styles
  • 25+ languages


$25/month Billed $250/year (20% Savings)

  • 250 credits/month*
  • Access to all characters
  • Access to all tones&styles
  • Create your own custom questions
  • Unlimited bookmarking
  • 25+ languages
  • Priority email support
  • Early access to new features


Powering Enterprise Success
with AI-driven Feedback

  • Everything in Pro, plus
  • Create your own custom characters
  • Advanced security controls
  • SAML + SSO
*Our pricing model is simple: 1 credit equals 1 response. For example, in feedback, one answer from one character is equivalent to 1 credit. Similarly, in rewrite, one rewrite from one character also equals 1 credit.